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Prosthetic Knee

Microprocessor Controlled

This prosthetic knee provides patients with a more natural gait and increased stability. The computerized knee monitors the action of the limb in space and adapts to an individual's normal gait pattern, eliminating the thinking required while ambulating. It's also programmed specifically to someone's varied walking speed.


Hydraulics within the knee can adjust a patient's walking speed as it automatically responds to changes in pace. The hydraulics control the speed the prosthesis swings forward and bends backward. It's primarily used for patients who are highly active and vary their walking speeds regularly, without the use of an assistive walking device.


Hydraulics and carbon fiber technology come together to create the hydraulic ankle. This prosthetic device provides low to moderate impact for increased ground contact, symmetrical gait, and improved stability on varied terrain.

Weight Activated Stance Control

This stable knee is often prescribed as a safer option for patients. It functions as a constant friction or pneumatic knee. When weight is placed on the knee during gait, a breaking mechanism prevents the knee from buckling. It's mostly commonly used for active or older amputees.

Manual Locking

This type of prosthesis is a stable knee that locks during gait, allowing the patient to release the lock to sit down comfortably. It's most frequently used for patients with bilateral leg amputations, short residual limbs, or poor strength or balance.

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