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Clinical Process

We want you to become familiar with the steps of our clinical care process, so you know what to expect. Since every patient's needs are unique, you may experience every step or maybe just a few - and may even repeat a step. That's okay. Our knowledgeable practitioners will guide you through this journey - so whatever path you take, you can be confident it will lead to your optimal outcome.


  • Overview the clinical care process
  • Review patient/practitioner partnership
  • Discuss your goals and questions


  • Perform clinical assessment
  • Measure or cast area of need
  • Explain outcome of visit
  • Develop a treatment plan


  • Describe authorization process
  • Explain role of documentation
  • Discuss potential financial responsibility
  • Partnership approach to appeal process


  • Access to best-in-house solutions
  • Clinical explanation of device(s) selection
  • Value of your input
  • Explain timelines


  • Demonstrate putting device on/off
  • Evaluate fit and function
  • Perform in-office adjustments
  • Discuss wear schedules, care, and use

Follow Up

  • Re-evaluate fit and function
  • Perform and refine device adjustments
  • Assess changes in condition
  • Collect satisfaction and outcome measures

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