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Prosthetic Feet

Externally Powered

A powered foot and ankle can normalize gait, offer flexible ankle movement, and center alignment. The device mimics the function of a natural ankle through sensors that calculate how much power is needed. It includes preferred walking velocities and has biomechanical patterns that are similar to people without an amputation.


This foot and ankle system has microprocessor-controlled speed and terrain response. It offers a comfortable and safe natural gait by continuously monitoring environmental feedback.


Hydraulics and carbon fiber technology come together to create the hydraulic ankle. This prosthetic device provides low to moderate impact for increased ground contact, symmetrical gait, and improved stability on varied terrain.

Dynamic Response

A dynamic response foot/ankle prosthetic foot provides fluid, natural walking motion that puts less strain on the lower back. These designs use a stiff anterior keel and offer prolonged flat foot stability.

Multi Axial

Some prosthetic feet are designed to mimic the ankle, which allows the foot to move in multiple planes. Multi-axial capability in a foot allows you to raise and lower the forefoot, move the forefoot to the left and right, and roll the foot slightly to th einside and to the outside.

Single Axis

This foot ankle prosthesis is a low-activity model that works on a single axis of the foot/ankle mechanism. It mimics median plane motion and has a lightweight strong design.


Solid Ankle Cushioned Heel (SACH) feet are prosthetic feet at their most basic, SACH feet have no moving parts and an internal keel. In passive SACH feet the keel will not flex within the foot. To perform the necessary foot functions, rubber regions provide areas which will bend, flex, or deform under load.

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