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Partial Hand


iDigits are appropriate for patients who have partial hand loss where the level of loss or deficiency is distal to the wrist and proximal to the joint. One to five digits may be lost to qualify for the iDigit as well as those patients who have any loss of the palm.

Naked Fingers

Naked fingers provides patients with functional, body-powered prosthetic devices. With a simple and elegant design, the bio-mechanical prosthetic finger helps to restore length, dexterity, and grip strength to a digit amputation. Each device is custom-built for a patient's specific needs. Whether that's typing at the office, using tools in the garden, or clutching a mug or morning coffee. Naked fingers ease the transition into everyday life after an amputation.


Living Skin prosthetics provides more of an aesthetic appeal to patients than a functional one. With today's technology, devices like this appear remarkably lifelike, matching the skin tone and contours of a patient's natural limb.

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