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Upper extremity
Myoelectric Prosthetic Options

Open Bionics Hero Arm

The Hero Arm is a lightweight myoelectric prosthesis with a multi-grip bionic hand, adjustable socket, high performance motors, and empowering aesthetics. It is the most affordable multi-grip bionic arm in the world, less than half the price of its nearest competitor.

Multi-articulating Myo Hand

These prosthetic hands have individually powered digits. They look and function like a real human hand and they offer pulsing grip strength and automated grip patterns. They will never fully replicate the human hand, but they are useful for small low intensity activities such as gripping a mug or clicking a mouse.

Standard Myoelectric Hand

These hands use an auto-grasp feature that is signalled with external electrodes that detect muscle contractions in your arm. These hands recognize when an object is slipping and increases the grip force needed. This device also allows patients to use one or two input devices and to select from various control options.

Myoelectric Elbow

This powered elbow prosthesis includes a microprocessor system that controls other prosthetic devices including hands, grippers, hooks, wrist rotators, and powered shoulder joint actuators. The system moves at speeds proportional to the strength of a muscle contraction. It can control up to five devices and is compatible with most prosthetic component manufacturers.

Pattern Recognition Control

The pattern recognition approach uses a separate microprocessor that's built into the prosthesis. It provides increased control over multiple powered prosthetic components at the same time for simultaneous control. This technology also provides an advantage over traditional direct control of a prosthesis. The patient has a more natural command of the prosthesis and is better able to use the it for daily living activities.

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